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Alexa Echo & Echo Dot 4th/5th Gen. Stand - Marvin the Android

Alexa Echo & Echo Dot 4th/5th Gen. Stand - Marvin the Android

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Here we have a holder / stand for Amazon Echo Dot (gen. 4 & 5), Echo Spot or Apple Homepod Mini. Marvin the Paranoid Android from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy is the perfect holder for an echo dot, spot or Homepod mini which indiscernibly replaces its head!

This quirky and fun stand is 3D printed in parts using a dual colour printer (black & white) and each body part is assembled together with super glue, providing a strong bond. Please note, there is only a limited surface contact on the arms so they are a bit more fragile but if handled carefully should remain attached!

There is also the option to add a base but this is not required for balance. An additional pair of eyes will be provided to finish off the look if you wish to attach them to your speaker (they can be bent into shape when gently heated). A detachable cable pin can be found in the back which keeps the cable a bit tidier. The cable pin in the back will only work for the Homepod mini though which is what it was primarily designed for.

The stand can also be used with the Echo dot 4th/5th gen. as it almost has the exact same dimensions as the Homepod mini! It is also compatible with the Echo Spot which allows you to make use of the screen for a custom background image made to look like the eyes! An echo dot gen. 4 is used in the photos as it is what I own!

This will make a great gift for any hitchhikers guide movie fan with one of these smart home speakers or anyone just looking for a unique and novel way of holding their speaker!

How to Order

Simply select if you would like to purchase with or without the base. If you would rather this was printed in a single colour or different to how it is pictured, just message me beforehand.

Dimensions ( L x W x H cm Approx.)

Model (without speaker): 11.5 x 11 x 7cm
Base : 11.1 x 11.1 x 1.1 cm

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This item is printed in PLA (polylactic acid) plastic which is a popular choice for 3D printing due to its biodegradable nature and relatively low environmental impact. It may be possible to see layer lines or blemishes on the final product if inspected closely which is unavoidable with FDM printing but all efforts will be made to reduce/remove them.

Please contact me if further information is required or if you have any custom requests. I will be more than happy to oblige.

*Please note - this item is not an officially licenced product. Credit for this awesome design goes to HEX3D which I have adapted for dual colour printing. This has been printed myself and is only considered to be fan art.


The print is made to order and I will generally aim to have the item dispatched within 3 - 5 days of you placing the order.

This item will be sent by Royal Mail standard postage or an alternative courier can be arranged upon request.

Items may sometimes be sent in re-used packaging to avoid waste where possible!

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